This project involves Imams being followed to Saras within the Sierra Leonean community. A Sara is an Islamic custom that involves Imams praying for someone’s deceased family member or friend, with offerings of traditional food stuffs also taking place at these ceremonies. As well as being there to express their condolences, those who attend are sometimes allocated chosen matching fabric (also known as Ashobi) for these gatherings. Each individual that are given this chosen material have the option of styling it to his or her required taste.

Despite Saras being part of Islamic practice, many of those who attend have either converted to Christianity due to marriage or personal choice – yet they still choose to practice aspects of the Islamic faith as a way of paying respect to Muslim family members/friends that have died.

The project not only focuses on the interchange of religious customs amongst individuals that attend these ceremonies but also the importance of traditional wear amongst women that attend SARAS.

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